Iwatsu Trade-Up Promotion

Iwatsu Trade In Trade Up

Maintain, Upgrade or Replace your Iwatsu system.

Upgrade your Iwatsu phone system to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, earn a per-station trade-up rebate for every phone you purchase.  Bonus dollars are also available for Iwatsu telephones that are traded-in during the system upgrade.  Contact ICON today to learn more about this offer.


  • Discounted data products brings a total technology refresh within reach.
  • Discounted ICON SIP Gateway to network Iwatsu ECS systems to the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communication Platforms.
  • Special mobility discounts for iPhone and Android clients.
  • New leasing options with low terms.

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About ICON

ICON is the exclusive authorized distributor of Iwatsu products in North America and an Authorized Distributor and Development Partner of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise voice system and data communications products.


Trade-Up with Rebates on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Phones

Upgrading your Iwatsu System?  Don’t miss out on these fantastic rebates!


Iwatsu Trade-Up with Rebates on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Phones

The per station rebate may be applied to telephone purchases in conjunction with a properly configured Alcatel-Lucent communications solution.




Trade-In Used Iwatsu Phones for $$$

Trade-In Used Iwatsu Phones for additional cash off your new Alcatel-Lucent system!

If you are trading-up to the Alcatel-Lucent phones above, you can also trade-in your 59XX Iwatsu ICON-series IP Phones for additional cash rebates.


5900_Trade-up Promo 5930_Trade-up Promo 5910_Trade-up Promo




Mobility Options

Mobility Options for iPhone and Android when upgrading your Iwatsu system!

Mobilize your workforce with the industry’s best mobility applications! Special pricing offered for ALE mobility apps when purchased in conjunction with this program.


MyIC Mobile iPhone Presence Large MyIC Mobile Galaxy S III


Trade-Up Program Leasing Options

Trade-Up program lease rates give you lots of payment options to upgrade your Iwatsu system.

Special leasing rates are available through Ritalia Funding and your installing distributor.  Contact sales@iconvn.com for more information and detailed rates.



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