It’s Time for Optical LAN

Build a LAN that exceeds expectations

Redefine the business-as-usual connected experience with an Optical LAN from Nokia.

Nokia’s Optical LAN solutions help public and private sector organizations address evolving service demands with outstanding network performance. They allow businesses, governments, hospitals, hotels, real estate developers, and universities to:

  • Reduce costs by deploying one simple network
  • Add capacity to boost business performance
  • Improve mobile connectivity for all users

Our solutions can help your organization, too. With an Optical LAN, you can deliver better service experiences, lower your costs, and get value from your network for decades to come.

Quick and simple – Optical LANs the Nokia way.

A Nokia Optical LAN brings gigabit speeds, military-grade security, and huge cost savings to your organization. What’s more the Nokia 5571 Passive Optical command center makes day-to-day network management a breeze.  Click the video link below to learn more about how Nokia’s Optical LAN can simplify a large enterprise network.


Nokia 7368 Optical Network Terminal

Designed for business offices, medical facilities, hotels, municipalities and educational institiutions, The Nokia 7368 provides two voice and four Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) user interfaces and delivers a premium service experience for all services.  Voice services are provided through two POTS ports with an integrated analog telephone adapter (ATA) that converts voice traffic into Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or ITU-T H.248. This ONT is compatible with the Nokia 7360 ISAM FX access node and managed through the Nokia 5571 Passive Optical LAN Command Center (PCC).