AccuCall-Web for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

AccuCall-Web for Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

The costs associated with telephone usage is one of the largest recurring expenses for many organizations. These costs are measured not only in the monthly bill, but also in the many ways telephone use and abuse affects employee productivity. AccuCall-Web 5 was designed specifically for the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS to collect and organize the information necessary to effectively manage and control telephone costs.

AccuCall-Web is a browser-based application allowing you to monitor usage, view and generate reports from the Internet. Track usage by caller ID, user, department, dialed number or incoming line. View, archive and even email as needed.

 Features and Capabilities

  • Call visualizer
  • IP campus
  • Costing
  • Review and organize data
  • Simultaneous users
  • Supports multiple transfers
  • Reports differentiate between transfer and conference
  • ACD and ICM call information displayed
  • Trunk busy statistics
  • Cradle to grave reporting

 Call Visualizer

Hyper-linked categories such as Extension Numbers or Call Date and Time allow users to easily navigate reported call flow data.  Easily dig down beyond summary data to get more detail on caller ID, call progress, account code, time spent in process, etc.

Expanded View


 Email Reports

Configure AccuCall-Web to automatically email reports. Reports can be customized and emailed to one or more people daily, weekly, monthly and more.

Custom Reports and Favorite Reports

Detailed sorting options let you customize your reports once and add to Favorites.  Apply filters to limit a report to calls that occurred during a specific time frame, to a specific extension or trunk group, or from certain telephone numbers.

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