ICONference Server

ICONference Server

The ICONference Server enables multiple-party conference calls and secure voice meetings via SIP ports in the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS. The ICONference Server delivers the following features:

  • Up to 32 attendees for each conference
  • Configure an unlimited number of conference rooms
  • Place attendees on hold until moderator joins
  • Manage conference with phone (DTMF)
  • PIN number required to enter room
  • MOH / Custom MOH
  • Record a conference (record to Iwatsu ECS voice mailbox using VM Record key)
  • Conference summary / detail record
  • Browser access

  Moderator Features:

  • Mute participants
  • Lock room
  • Play number of/caller ID of/name of attendees
Browser-based Console:
  • Access conference rooms to see active participants
  • View conference logs.
  • Set¬†conference room parameters.

Users can view summary reports of their conference using the browser admin console.