Iwatsu Enterprise-CS IP Phone System

Iwatsu Enterprise-CS IP Phone System

The Iwatsu Enterprise-CS SBE is an IP-PBX with an Esnatech Officelnx SBE Unified Communications system that provides advanced call processing with growth from 96 to 1024 ports.

Features and Capabilities

  • Supports in any combination of SIP, VoIP, digital and analog devices
  • Seamless integration with Esnatech Officelinx voice mail / automated attendant system that delivers unified messaging, mobility, presence and collaboration features
  • Advanced applications including transparent networking, contact center solutions, in-building wireless and more
  • Creates a 100% transparent multiple site system network
  • Industry leading MTBF statistics
  • Iwatsu ECS systems operate with a 99.999% up-time
  • Passive cooling design eliminates moving parts and heat buildup
  • Fault tolerant VX Works operating system

Call Processing

  • Ticker Display and Text Web on Iwatsu ICON Series Phones
  • Converged, modular gateway design that grows to 1024 ports
  •  Supports in any combination  of SIP, VoIP and TDM devices
  • Iwatsu ICON Series Phones deliver advanced features like Bluetooth®
  • Enable any PC to be a voice terminal with the Iwatsu IP Softphone
  • My ECPhone allows users to change station features easily from their PC
  • Centralized Automated Attendant enables callers to call one main number and be routed to their desired extension through custom menu options
  • ICON DECT1 wireless handsets are lightweight portable stations that provides immediate access to calls and ECS system features from anywhere with the internal wireless network
  • ISDN PRI, T1, SIP and Caller ID subscriber line interface and switching
  • Real IP Apps, such as PC AttendantIP Softphone and QueVue, deliver PC-based software solutions for call control via simple and intuitive desktop applications


  • Iwatsu ECS systems operate with a 99.999% up-time
  • Building on over 70 years of telecom history and experience
  • Industry leading MTBF statistics
  • Passive cooling design eliminates moving parts and heat buildup
  • Fault tolerant VX Works operating system

Unified Communications

Unified Communications improves your business response time by providing universal access to live communications and messaging from anywhere at any time – literally extending the reach of your communications system.  The Iwatsu Enterprise-CS SBE includes a 4-port Esnatech Officelinx SBE Unified Communications System.

  • 4 voice mail / automated attendant ports grows to 16 ports
  • 25 iLink Pro licenses standard with an optional upgrade to 150 users
  • 75 voice mailbox licenses with an optional upgrade to 1000 voice mailboxes
  • IMAP synchronization of emails, voice mails and faxes in a single message store for iLink Pro users
  • Web client provides access to message stores and UC features from web client. UC toolbar embedded in web browser accessible from any application.
  • Optional 2 ports Realspeak text-to-speech for reading email over the phone
  • 1 shared SIP fax port provides inbound/outbound faxing from desktop

Esnatech Officelinx iLink Pro

Status Updates and Rich Presence

Manually change your status and location or, have Esna iLink Pro follow your Google calendar and automatically share your real-time availability to others. Easily see other people’s status and availability. Esna iLink Pro shows you when people are on the phone, their location and if they are free/busy. Access and collaborate with the people you interact with the most. Call or chat with a single click, find their location, view status updates, assign them to different groups or teams and pin them to the top of your Esna iLink Pro.


Throughout the workday, the mobile workforce uses many different communication devices, all of which must have complete access to core business communication applications.  The Esna iLink Pro meets this challenge by enabling messaging and presence management for any device, including the traditional business telephone or a mobile phone.


With today’s business world moving faster than ever before, the need to access your messages using the most convenient device available is moving from a nicety to a necessity.  UC Messaging, delivers voicemail and fax messages into your email inbox. This means you can access your messages using a PC or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Speech Processing

The most advanced Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) applications available can be deployed in enterprises of all sizes. Until recently this technology could only be deployed at considerable expense, but software advances have brought the technologies within reach of small and medium sized businesses.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a customizable Interactive Voice Response system that can gather information from the caller. Using the caller information, pertinent information can be delivered along with the caller to the appropriate representative.

UC Call Control

A UC platform increases user productivity by allowing them to control calls ringing to their business extension.  The UC Client Manager is an application that resides on the user’s PC desktop that displays details of incoming calls to their extension, allowing them to answer, redirect and return missed telephone calls.

Powered By ICON

Powered By ICON

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