Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Wins Frost & Sullivan 2014 Best Practices Award

OpenTouch is enabled to operate as a highly scalable and reliable platform that supports cloud/hosted UC services delivered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners, including a US nationwide cloud service launched in early 2014 by Icon Voice Networks.

“Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is differentiated from the crowded field with its flexible OpenTouch platform which enables business customers and their respective users to deploy what they want, how they want and without compromise for maximum benefit.”

The report also recognizes that “after years of build-up, the time of true software and services-based unified communications (UC) solutions has finally arrived. Specifically, the emergence of cloud, social networking and mobile technologies has changed the paradigm and heightened enterprise customer expectations.”

The award is evaluated on five benchmark criteria:

  • Unique features/functionality
  • Quality / complexity
  • Customization
  • Match to target markets needs
  • Brand perception of the uniqueness of the product

Frost & Sullivan used a 10-step process to identify award recipients. As a part of those steps, they evaluated solutions based on unique features / functionality, quality / complexity, customization capabilities, target market needs matched, and perception of the product’s uniqueness. Frost & Sullivan applied their TEAM Research methodology to produce a 360-degree evaluation of industry challenges, trends and issues. Within this methodology, the letters T, E, A and M reflect core technical, economic, applied (financial and best practices) and market analyses.

Download the Frost & Sullivan 2014 Unified Communications Product Differentiation Excellence Award report to understand how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has achieved product excellence and why Frost & Sullivan believes that this evolutionary unified communications and collaboration platform is positioned to thrive as customer needs and technology continue to evolve.