Alcatel-Lucent Safe Campus Solutions Whitepaper

Educational institutions are facing increasing pressure from parents, students, and regulators
to secure their campuses. Many have implemented standardized school lockdown
procedures. However, universities with open, expansive campuses, more transient populations,
and a student body of legally adult citizens need more advanced emergency
communications plans to deal with these challenges. Alcatel-Lucent has worked with
many schools and universities to implement unified communications systems that support
lockdown procedures, provide emergency notification, enable collaboration with first
responders, and integrate with building control systems to support surveillance, deliver
alarms and alerts, and enhance the awareness and responsiveness of campus security personnel
and administrators.
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Overcoming the Top Five Core Network Challenges

With enterprise networks under pressure to meet new demands and information technology (IT) staff challenged to reduce costs, the need for a new approach to enterprise networks is growing. This paper describes how the Alcatel-Lucent Application Fluent Converged Network solution enables enterprise networks to support new capabilities and devices while reducing costs.
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