Alcatel-Lucent Operator Features on the OXO Connect System – Demo and User Guide

This video demonstrates the most common features associated with an Alcatel-Lucent operator station. This includes adding a station to the system, changing the system clock, accessing the general mailbox and recording automated attendant messages. Check out our additional videos on our YouTube channel for demonstrations of more basic features and functions such as call handling.

Accessing the general mailbox – 0:54
Add an entry to the system directory – 2:13
Edit an entry in the system directory – 4:23
Delete an entry in the system directory – 5:53
Edit the system date and time – 7:02
Edit station name – 8:47
Reset station password – 10:08
Manually enable night mode – 11:21
Record automated attendant greetings – 12:20

How to initialize a voicemail that has been reset:

Additional Alcatel-Lucent phone usage videos: