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Alcatel-Lucent 8000S Series Phone in Square Key Mode

Square Key Mode was developed for the Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect system to provide key system square line operation for small systems. In default mode , Alcatel-Lucent IP and digital phones provide state-based feature key display when an incoming call rings in, a phone user goes off hook and dials, or based on other commonly used operations. State-based display takes priority over the display of the programmed keys on the set.

The square key mode demonstrated in this video does not prioritize the state-based display, and the key pattern shown on the phone’s screen will not change from the programmed keys.


Alcatel-Lucent 8028 and 8029 Premium Deskphone on OXE - User Guide Video

Overview for the 8029 and 8029 desk phones deployed on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise system. This 20 minute video gives a hardware overview for the phones and walks through basic features such as programming keys and basic call control. A table of contents in the video description includes links that start the video at specific feature demonstrations.


Alcatel-Lucent 8028 Deployed on OXO Connect System- User Guide Video

Demonstrates the Alcatel-Lucent 8028/8029 Premium Deskphone deployed as a cloud station on the Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect system. This comprehensive video covers key layout and basic features such as transfer, hold and conference. Popular functions that often raise questions are also covered, such as call forwarding, message management, ringer adjustment and screen brightness.


Alcatel-Lucent Application Fluent Network Video

Application fluent networks improve network performance and manage network infrastructure where data is not locked into a cloud system. Now you can optimize storage convergence and transform the data center into a private cloud that seamlessly co-exists with public cloud services.


Alcatel-Lucent IPTouch 4008, 4018, 4019 Deskphone User Guide Video

Learn the basic features of the Alcatel-Lucent IPTouch 4008, 4018 and 4019 phones used with the OmniPCX Office System. Items covered are the keypad layout, accessing menu items through the display, making internal and external calls, making a three-party conference call, transferring a call and placing a call on hold.


Alcatel-Lucent One-Touch Park and Pick-Up on OXO Connect 2.1

The One-Touch Park and Pick-Up enhancement improves the flexibility and simplifies the operation of the park feature by reducing the number of key presses required to place and retrieve calls from park while at the same time providing parked call indication at multiple extensions. This enhancement is available with OXO Connect 2.1 from ICON Voice Networks and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.


Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation Video

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Conversation (OTC) software provides a way to Experience the Conversation with rich communications at your fingertips. Using a single client, it delivers a seamless conversation across multiple media, multiple devices, with multiple parties, all within the same conversation. By taking advantage of the conversation layer ,which is an integral part of the OpenTouch architecture, OTC allows you to experience each conversation starting on one device and transferring to another as desired, whether using enterprise SIP phones, smart deskphones, video end-points or BYODs such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.


Alcatel-Lucent Operator Features on the OXO Connect System - Demo and User Guide

This video demonstrates the most common features associated with an Alcatel-Lucent operator station. This includes adding a station to the system, changing the system clock, accessing the general mailbox and recording automated attendant messages. Check out our additional videos on our YouTube channel for demonstrations of more basic features and functions such as call handling.


Call Director Tutorial Video

The Call Director is a desktop call control application for the Iwatsu ECS phone system. This video shows how to make a call, answer a call, record a call, transfer a call and place a call on hold using the Call Director application from ICON Voice Networks.


Iwatsu Mobility Key

Use a Mobility Key to transfer a call back and forth from your office phone to your cell phone. The Mobility Key is available with Iwatsu Enterprise-CS and ICON Series phones (IX-5810, IX-5910, IX-5930).


Iwatsu Station Login Feature

Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can access a personalized user log-in with any Iwatsu ICON 5810, 5910, or 5930 phone. Station log-in allows users to access personalized quick keys, receive calls to the specified extension number, check up on voice mail, and more with just a simple log in and password on any of the compatible phones.


PIMphony Attendant Overview

The PIMphony Attendant for the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office System is designed for team communicators such as operators and assistants who manage multiple lines. Collaborative features optimize call management and make it easier to supervise and track workgroup activity, plus multi-site supervision, mono-site & multi-site user and system configuration facilities. This video gives a brief overview of features such call log, voicemail options, click-to-call, and supervision of users and extensions.


PIMphony Basic Overview Video

PIMphony Basic software is the personal information manager for the Alcatel-Lucent Opentouch SMB phone system. The call manager, contact lists, call log and forwarding options are covered in this overview video.


PIMphony Pro Overview Video

PIMphony Pro for the Alcatel-Lucent Opentouch SMB system adds personal software integration and visual voicemail to the basic PIMphony software. This includes screen pops and voicemail integration through a PC.


Protect Your Business Continuity with ICON Cloud Solutions

Insurance can help replace some items after the fact, but that doesn’t cover the downtime, lost revenue or the frustration of getting your business back online. Even small disruptions in business continuity, from a blown fuse to a vandal on premises, from a water leak to a door being opened after hours, can snowball into a large disruptive force if left unchecked. Environmental Monitoring and Notification from ICON Cloud Solutions gives you the time to react and respond…time that is critical in dealing with a potentially expensive disruption.


QueVue ACD Console Tutorial Video

The QueVue ACD Agent Console is a desktop application that allows call center agents to view call queue information and manage call traffic from a Windows PC.


Rapid Session Shift Demo Video

Seamlessly hand off calls between any devices, including cell phone, office phone, desk phone, tablet, smart board or conference phone. Use the device that best suits the time and place without sacrificing access to features and services without loss of functionality.


SIP Video Doorphone Demo

The Linkcom SIP Video Doorphone can be connected to the Alcatel-Lucent Opentouch SMB phone system to send a video feed to ALU 8082 phones when the doorbell is activated.