How to Change the Wallpaper on your TOS 3000 IP2092 Phone


Changing the wallpaper on your IP2092 phone requires an optional SD memory card and an SD memory card writer to upload a jpg file. Note that the wallpaper image is only displayed on the idle screen. Submenu screen wallpaper cannot be changed.

Uploading a Wallpaper Image to the IP2092 Phone

  1. Save a picture in jpg format to the SD memory card.
  2. Insert the SD memory card in the IP2092 phone SD memory card slot.
  3. With the phone idle choose Menu > File Browser > SD Memory Card.
  4. Using the cursor, select the file that you would like to set as the wallpaper.
  5. Press More.
  6. Select Save as wallpaper.

Selecting a Wallpaper Image

  1. With the phone idle choose Menu >Phone Settings>Display Settings>Wallpaper Setting.
  2. Use the cursor to choose either Default Wallpaper or User-defined Wallpaper.
  3. Press Save.