Top 5 FAQ

How do I change the system clock on my ICON Voice Networks system?

Good question. In fact, this is probably the most popular question asked of us at ICON. Especially the Monday after daylight savings time begins and ends. Now, if you have an Iwatsu Enterprise-CS system with version 3 or higher software the system clock will update automatically based on system programming. Contact your dealer for more information. If you have an older Iwatsu system or other system from ICON Voice Networks you can find instruction here.

How can I order products through ICON Voice Networks?

ICON Voice Networks products are available exclusively through one of your authorized dealers. Please contact us at 1-800-696-1066 to locate a dealer near you or to learn more about becoming an ICON Voice Networks dealer.

Can I become an ICON Voice Networks Dealer?

Yes, we are looking for dealers to help sell, install and maintain our product portfolio across North America. If you would like to become a dealer, fill out this contact form and we will contact you with more information.

Can I upgrade my Iwatsu ADIX system to the Enterprise-CS?

Yes, all hardware and telephones from your current Iwatsu ADIX system are compatible with the current Iwatsu Enterprise-CS system. Simply add an Iwatsu Enterprise-CS controller to your existing Iwatsu ADIX to gain access to the latest features and functions.

What is the Communications Ecosystem?

A communications ecosystem is comprised of the different technologies and people all interacting together to conduct business. With a wide array of products, ICON Voice Networks can design a solution that improves upon established business processes, creating the best communications ecosystem for your business.
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ICON Reseller FAQ

Why can’t I log in?

The ICON Voice Networks dealer portal site is only available to authorized ICON resellers.

If you are the employee of an ICON Reseller, your access account hasn’t been created yet. Please contact your “Distributor Admin” or “Location Admin.”

If you are the president/owner of an ICON Reseller, you should have received the admin account signup procedure via email. Please contact our webmaster if you have not received the email.

How do I set up my account and log in?

A “Distributor Admin” and/or “Location Admin” for your company (a president, branch manager, admin assistant, or other personnel) is designated to setup and manage accounts for all employees. Once this admin creates your account, a confirmation email including your assigned password is automatically sent to you. You can then access the site.

Why haven’t I received my confirmation email?

If you have not received a confirmation email including your login information, it means your “Distributor Admin” or “Location Admin” has not yet created your account. Please notify them that you need your account created in order to access the distributor website. If this is not your case, please contact our webmaster.

Who is my “Distributor Admin” and/or “Location Admin” contact?

ICON has notified all designated “Distributor Admins” of this procedure. Your admin should have notified you that they are the contact for your company. If you do not know who your admin is, please contact webmaster or 972-929-9100 x2317.