COSEC Access Control Systems

Secure and control access to doors, buildings and campuses.

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Access Control, restricting unauthorized people from reaching pre-defined areas while ensuring easy access for authorized people, is a critical aspect of an organization’s overall security strategy. The goal, protect physical assets, intellectual property and people. This seemingly simple requirement becomes a multi-dimensional challenge when we add time, organizational hierarchy and asset management into the mix. Matrix COSEC addresses this challenge by leveraging the power of 21st century technology to track the who, where and when with exceptional flexibility and scalability.

 What you can do with Matrix COSEC.

Door Controllers

COSEC door controllers are the front-end terminals used to control entry while Exit Readers are used with the door controller to monitor exit. COSEC supports multiple credentials and connectivity options configurable through a browser-based management system.  There are several models of controllers and readers to choose from supporting a wide variety of connections. Listed below is a brief description of each model line.

Exit Readers

Matrix COSEC Readers can be connected with any COSEC door controller through Wiegand or RS-232 interface.

  • Works with any COSEC Door Controller
  • Fingerprint and Card Reader
  • Proximity or Smart Card
  • Power Supply from Door Controller
  • IP65
  • Tamper Detection

System Management

COSEC Panel Lite System Controller

COSEC Panel Lite is a multi-purpose device that includes COSEC application software and supports hundreds of doors and tens of thousands of users. Panel Lite can be deployed in different ways:

  • Stand alone applications with up to 255 doors and 25,000 users supported by a single Panel Lite. Provides browser-access access to COSEC software and reporting in a “server-less” configuration.
  • Hybrid applications. Single site deployment with advanced application requirements. Panel Lite works in tandem with the COSEC server offering enhanced reporting and application options such as Vehicle management, time and attendance and more.
  • Multiple site applications with controllers and readers installed on different networks. Panel Lite serves as the bridge between the local control and the central COSEC server.

Panel Lite supports both Ethernet and serial connection of controllers in addition to auxiliary input / output ports.

COSEC Centra Management Server

In its simplest form, a COSEC application can consist of nothing more than one or two controllers with or without the Panel Lite. For more advanced applications and multiple location applications, the COSEC Centra Management Server provides centralized management and enhanced application support. In addition to working with native applications such as Time & Attendance, Access Control and Visitor Management, COSEC Centra works with third-party applications via a rich API library. COSEC Centra Server benefits include:

  • Centralized management
  • Automatic fingerprint distribution
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Auto device identification
  • Customized Reports
  • Backup and restore
  • APIs

Application Modules

The functionality of Matrix COSEC is enhanced by adding one or more application modules. These modules add features and further automate the management and reporting capabilities of the solution.  They can be configured to meet the customer’s usage requirements.