Iwatsu Enterprise-CS Contact Center

Iwatsu Enterprise-CS Contact Center

The Iwatsu Enterprise-CS Contact Center processes and delivers calls to the appropriate recipient using the most efficient method available. This includes the ability to route calls within the organization using automated company greetings, menu options and even automatic speech recognition that allows voice-activated call routing.


Additionally, ICON Voice Networks offers Contact Center solutions that route calls based on caller ID, time of day, call type, account codes and more.

Contact Center Applications

  • Instantly screen-pop customer files or records on an agent’s PC
  • Customize automated company greetings, menu options and directories
  • Allow callers to speak menu/directory selections using voice-activated call routing
  • Route calls based on caller ID, time of day, call type, account code and more
  • Record all agent calls for establishing best practices or compliance mandates
  • Records all on-screen activity of the agent for performance coaching and training
  • Conveniently make changes to greetings and menu options from anywhere offsite
  • Pre-record custom in-queue messaging and on-hold announcements
  • Program the system to automatically add agent groups during heavy call volume
  • Track all agent activity and provide supervisors with real-time ability to measure agent performance and call center activity


Rather than have a centralized contact center, many contact centers today use a distributed model. Distributed contact centers benefit from Iwatsu Enterprise-CS as calls are dynamically and automatically distributed to the appropriate contact center location and agent.

Networked Environments

  • Network multiple offices to operate as one transparent contact center
  • Provide one main number and dynamically route callers to any extension or ACD group within the contact center network
  • Allows agents and supervisors to work remotely (e.g. home offices) with seamless access to contact center features and call handling capabilities via an IP phone
  • Offer dynamic and flexible work arrangements and extended support in more time zones with remote agents and supervisors
  • Generate comprehensive, centralized reporting for multi-networked contact centers