ICON Signals Lockdown

ICON Signals Lockdown

ICON Signals Lockdown Application allows you to quickly secure building or campus and alert personnel in the event of an emergency situation. Signals can be customized to suit the unique needs of your organization.


Hard or Soft Lockdown

ICON Signals allows you to plan for the unexpected with a sequence of alerts and actions based on the situation.

Initiate a soft lockdown when you need people to remain inside to avoid a potential external threat without alerting public saftey personnel.

  • Police activity in area
  • Weather event

Soft lockdowns can be initiated from mobile devices, business telephones, wired and wireless panic buttons or external subsystems. As part of the lockdown alert, administrators can record a custom message or select from a pre-recorded message. Messages can be delivered by telephone, text message, overhead paging and more.

Hard Lockdowns can be used in more urgent situations such as a security breach.

Initiate, acknowledge and cancel from most convenient device

Administrative staff can initiate a lockdown from anywhere using a mobile device. From within the building, initiate a lockdow from a business telephone or panic button. When staff receives the alert, they can be prompted to responded with location information or other acknowlegement.


Record custom message to be sent with lockdown alert

Prior to initiating the lockdown, administrative staff can be prompted to record a custom message to be sent with the lockdown alert. Messages can be sent as voice call, paging or loudspeaker broadcast, or even using ASR and text to speech options.


Integrate with access control, other sub systems to automatically secure access points

ICON Signals can integrate with fire alarm panels, access control systems and other sub systems to automatically secure the buidling with the lockdown initiation.



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