Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6450 User Guide

This OmniSwitch 6450 Hardware Users Guide describes your switch hardware components and basic
switch hardware procedures.

Supported Platforms

The information in this guide applies to the following products:
• OmniSwitch 6450-10 (L)
• OmniSwitch 6450-P10 (L)
• OmniSwitch 6450-24
• OmniSwitch 6450-P24
• OmniSwitch 6450-48
• OmniSwitch 6450-P48
• OmniSwitch 6450-U24
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Iwatsu Gateway Solutions Guide

Iwatsu Enterprise Gateway Solutions is a server-based application suite that functions as a proxy for
Iwatsu’s client software applications to interface with the Iwatsu Enterprise Suite. Simply put: the
Iwatsu Gateway Solutions server provides the interface between the desktop applications and the
voice communication system and supports applications such as Iwatsu QueVueTM, Iwatsu Call
Director, Virtual DSS and AccuCall-Web reporting. This doc is for use with Enterprise Services Version 4.
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TOL-IVM Voice Messaging Product Guide

The TOL-IVM Voice Messaging system is the embedded voice mail/automated attendant call processing system for the Iwatsu Enterprise-CS IP-PBX platform. Your employees can manage their voice messages from their phone or computer. Optional unified communications and mobility options are also available extending the reach of the TOL-IVM out to your cell phone.
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