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ICON Signals Lockdown application allows you to quickly secure building or campus.

  • Hard or soft lockdown
  • Initiate, acknowledge and cancel from most convenient device
  • Record custom message to be sent with lockdown alert
  • Integrate with access control, other sub systems to automatically secure access points.
  • Play messages over paging system, voice call.
  • Send voice announcements, text message, light strobe lights.

ICON Signals Lockdown

ICON Signals Lockdown
Initiate a lockdown from most convenient device including mobile device, telephone, wired or wireless button.
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Becoming aware as quickly as possible when an unexpected situation or disturbance occurs is the first step towards preventing disaster, ensuring the safety of your employees and protecting the security of your business assets. ICON will work with you to customize an advanced notification solution that allows you to communicate with everyone on any device wherever they may be.

  • Initiate a lock down or announce a building evacuation from telephones, panic buttons and more. Discretely alert key personnel of a situation.
  • Notify emergency response teams of the callers location when 911 is dialed or an alarm initiated.
  • Monitor temperature, moisture, motion, smoke and live weather feeds. Send alerts based on programmable thresholds.


ICON Signals

ICON Signals
ICON Signals is an event alert notification platform that monitors your environment and alerts designated people or groups if something happens. Notifications are sent via SMS message, voice call, video feed, audible or visual alert, and more.
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